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Welcome to Rally Tax & Accounting Service Inc

Rally Tax & Accounting Service Inc. is a full service accounting and tax firm that specializes in personalized tax services for the individual and small business owner. We have positioned our firm as a leader in the tax preparation industry because we understand the critical nature of proactive and purposeful client service in addition to providing dedicated small business tax expertise.


Tax Planning and Preparation

Being proactive and in constant communication with clients is the key to providing the best tax and financial consulting service. Managing any business is really about managing the relationships. Our commitment to clients is based on the highest professional standards. We anticipate and surpass their expectations. We always have their best interest in mind and work with them to help them a..... View More

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accurate financial information is most essential to the success of your business. It starts with identifying, setting up and understanding your accounting system. Incorrect processing of financial transactions will result in higher costs and inaccurate financial information. The bottom line is that you will never know how well or poorly your business is doing without properly setting ..... View More